Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Time for Change

The modern Calendar is ridden with days recognizing diversity. "International Women's Rights Day"--March 8. "Human Rights Day"--December 10. "Religious Freedom Day"--January 14. Black History Month--the entire month of February.

I have no qualms with the above "holidays," nor do I propose an abridgment thereof. I speak on behalf of a different problem--a growing bigotry that shows no sign of quenching:

I am, of course, referring to the rising population of Americans who are, quite willingly, LACTOSE intolerant.

I first realized the problem when I walked into my local Wild Oats, the aisles of organic groceries sprinkled with cartons claiming to be "dairy free."

I was shocked, to say the least, at the presence of so many openly prejudiced people. They stood there in line, their carts brimming with "soy-based" and "lactose-free" products.

And yesterday, as I ordered lunch from a local deli, the woman behind me said, without checking to see what dairy products might be offended: "Excuse me, is there cream in that sauce? I'm lactose intolerant."

The hum of the busy deli didn't even slow as her abrasive sentence filled the air with her prevailing bigotry.

So, with the interest of cows and farmers firmly in my heart, I propose tomorrow--March 27, 2008--as the first annual "National Lactose Tolerence" day.

Let's celebrate with ice cream.



Yay for National Lactose Tolerance day!I want ice cream.

Kevin, Danica, & Claire said...

claire's a "lackey" more reason to hate me. haha! thanks for thinking my baby's so cute though...i wonder if you'd still be saying that if you'd been around her and her four incoming teeth today. when kevin got home i just handed her off and said "i'm going to watch america's next top model. i'm not to be disturbed." want to move to chicago and be my nanny? you can dye your hair a horrible orangey-blond and adopt a polish accent--you'd fit right in.

MishMyBelle said...

I am all for that day! Bring on a dairy queen blizzard for me please! Kristen, you crack me up! Such a clever one :)

My Three Sons said...

You feel about "lactose free" the same way that Dad feels about apples instead of fries with a Happy Meal. How are these poor dairy/potato farmers supposed to survive? On bread alone?

Fairchild Family said...

You are a funny girl . . . I hate to say it, but I am off dairy for now, so I will have to pass on the Lactose tolerance day (its not by choice, believe me, its for the sake of my babies tummy)! But give me six months or so, and I will once again become a regular at DQ!

Kris and Sarah said...

I really do appreciate that! In my 25 years of life I seem to have developed something along the lines of this horrifying disease! So thank you for the recognition!!