Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

In the excitement of the impending holiday week, I thought I would christen my November blog with a list of things I'm thankful for.

Originality, thy name is Kristen.

I am grateful that . . .

1. I live within a two-mile radius of Nordstrom Rack.
2. I have a nephew that I'm pretty sure is a Martian.
3. If I wear enough blush and style my hair just right in the morning, I can pass for not-a-boy.
4. Using only wide-leg jeans and 5-inch heels, I can create the illusion that my legs are impossibly long.
5. My sister's friends make me feel like I'm cool.
6. I have access to twins that never had to live in my uterus.
7. Pandora has an iPhone application.
8. Conor Oberst made a solo album this year.
9. No one was killed in my two at-fault accidents this year.
10. My insurance company was polite about our breakup due to #9.
11. The person hit in my second at-fault accident has finally stopped asking me out.
12. Cyber-stalker Kurt has not acquired my address or telephone number.
13. I somehow managed to get 3 free plane tickets to San Francisco last summer.
14. My friends are all wildly-attractive.
15. Costco is a very real and present part of my life.
16. My mother didn't disown me after I spiked her Diet Coke with Xanax.
17. The Japanese let us know that not cooking fish was even better than cooking it.
18. My siblings haven't told my parents I voted for Barack Obama.
19. Someone discovered cauliflower puree to replace mashed potatoes.
20. I have no friends with tricked-out civics.
21. A failing world-economy has given me lower gas prices.
22. I am never without a coupon for something free at Bath and Body Works.
23. My mom is a mom, not a BFF.
24. I got a fragment of my father's wit.
25. My brothers are the most handsome boys I know.
26. I have not yet been murdered by anyone I've dated.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!!