Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inner Beauty

In an attempt to work on my character and spirituality, I have become slightly addicted to non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Those of you who have witnessed me lately, might notice a bit of weight gain---in the general directions of my lips.

Move over, Angelina.

Yes, I've become THAT girl.

So I thought I should "start spreading the news."

What's next? botox? eyelids? tummy tuck? Nobel Prize? the sky's the limit.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sociological Experiment, Season 2

As some of you may know, I've been having a tiny problem sleeping lately. While in actuality I took the logical solution (a cashmere blanket and prescription sedatives), I thought I might see what the general public thought of my "problem." As it turns out, young (and old, sadly) men of Salt Lake City are INCREDIBLY selfless--ready to lend a hand at the drop of my ad.

After the healthy response of my last experimental Craig's List posting, I decided to pull out the stops and go for Part II, baiting my advertisement with a little more room for creepiness. For reasons unknown, my ad was flagged for removal by Craig's List, but survived an entire 12 hours of public posting, time enough to generate 167 responses. I give you the best of them.
The Ad:

(strictly platonic) Seeking Bed Partner - w4m

Seeking Bed Partner

No really. Due to extenuating circumstances of which our casual relationship will have no need of explaining, I just can't sleep . . . by myself. This is where you come in. Be charming, be handsome, be lovely -- just don't be disturbing my slumber. Sleep talkers, sleep walkers and snorers are strongly encouraged not to apply.

Me -- I keep to my side of the bed, wear cute pajamas and only occasionally mumble.

You -- Preferably sweet and unassuming with just the faintest hint of asexuality. Try to cuddle and I fear for your more prized organs.

My bed -- Queen, featherbed, coverlet, down comforter and 1,000 count sheets.

Duties include arriving around 11 pm, engaging in brief and formal conversation, and departing by 7 am. Warm milk and ambien available to the right candidate. This is me, and this is how I would like to be:

The Responses (a very select few):
B-- "You're a freak."
Kurt, email 1: "how about charming? 6'5",smellsgreat, engaging,laidback, educated, sensual, playfull, great sleeper!! hello! how are you? hope your enjoying your hot week? i think the sun we have been waiting for is finally here! i just need to be near a body of water around to really enjoy it! I definitely understand how you feel. no explanition is necessary. i do believe energy and connection is important.I mean i think most of us enjoy the comfort of being close to another. affection is healthy and good. its all about connection and energy which comes on many levels. im a unselfish person. and very giving. i believe its all about giving back! ha this is where i step in. i mean if you needed help with a car problem or needed a ride..or just a sleeping partner. im just good like that. im originally from so cal. im tall..and get cute and handsome a lot. so i would i have to say im handsome and cute. im engaging. (at least that is what im told!) charming,playfull,exciting. always can make anyone laugh and smile and feel better about who they are. i love life. im simple, boring, exciting. i love friends, family, cooking,smells (smells are important!), music,shoes..the simple things of life. but i do believe receiving 8 hours of sleep is important! im not a snoarer, not sleep walker or talker! i guess i was blessed! ha im sure i can help! great company. kurt"
Kurt, email 2: (note: I didn't respond) "hello! good morning.! how are you? hope you were able to get some much needed sleep?. sleep is very important! to our health and well being! one thing i love about utah. is that it cools down nicely at night. i love having the window open with the fan blowing. the cool air feels so good! I slept great! ha yes this is Kurt. the one that should stop writting. so i dont feel like a fool. what can i say, im just relentless! actually im pretty confident. so its ok. ha seriously though sleep is important. and we should meet up for dinner tonight. there are a few amazing restaurants i love. you wouldnt be dissapointed. and we would have an amazing time. charismatic,engaging,playfull,exciting and more. give me a chance. whatever you think aboout me. i can show you that you are wrong. kurt"
Shadowrider: "What a stupid ad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Todd: "You look like you need a professional massage. You right trapezius has a trigger point. I can see it in the second pic. Do you want to come to the spa today for a free treatment. Todd"
Mia: "You’re describing my husband! LOL" (my favorite)
Heyhey: "congrats on having one of the most openly and obviously insane posts on CL. Good luck not getting raped.(I think thats what youre subconsciously wanting.)"
Mike: " A most happy snoozie-coozie to you. Mike" (this was attached to a photo of a middle-aged, saggy man whose pic I won't post, for legal purposes).
ProvocativeOne: "Hmmm, I can't decide if I find this amusing or interesting. Needless to say I'm up for giving it a try. My story: Engaged but my finance lives on the other side of the states and will be until November. In the mean time it's been a bit odd sleeping alone, if it wasn't for our dog I might never sleep. I work late hours and wake up early so I'll be in and out of your hair before you can brush it. My lady is very open minded and is absolutely fine with me trying this, she's actually a bit jealous that the three of us couldn't try to share a king sized.
Let me know what you think and if you're at all interested.
I've got a pic to share if you are...and I request soy milk please."
Brian: "Ever tried getting a cat?"
Russell: "I am depressed as hell. Don't want to load any of my problems upon you, and can be charming and such without being depressing...I also know how it feels to just have somebody there without any expectations.
-- It is better to die on one's feet than to live on one's knees!" (followed by a photo of a near-70 year-old man)
Scott: "Hey, saw your ad on CL. I'm intrigued. Like to arrive at your place at 11 and depart by 7. I'm sweet and unassuming, just the way you like it. Drop me a line and let's make it happen. :)"